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Welcome to S.C.M. Computers here you will find software tools and libraries for Delphi programmers. If you have any suggestions email me here

Current products:

 MetaGroupLib version 1.0  (a Fast Effecient Programmers database)
Have you ever got tired of defining data structures over and over?, Have you ever had to make major changes to those data structures because of updates?, Have you grown tired of writing, save and load code for those structures?. Well here is your answer.
for Delphi 4 or greater

 Visual Editor Beta version 1.0  
This tool allows you to develop MetaGroup structures visually. You can create groups, add properties, inherit from groups and save/load them in MetaLib format ready for use in your program. Requires that you have the trial or full version of the MetaGroupLib.
for Delphi 4 or greater

Current Free Delphi Code:

 StreamEx version 1.0  (A streaming file class for Delphi)
This is a Extended TMemoryStream which encapsulates the TReader & TWriter of Delphi. It also contains block operations on streams for inserting, deleting, cutting from stream.
for Delphi 3 or greater

Try these links for other great programming tools:

TX Text Control

A powerful programming component that allows developers to easily add into their application sophisticated text formatting and display capabilities typically seen only in large word processing programs. Download the fully featured evaluation version at:

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